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Spritzy "Serenity of the Heart" Plaque SKU: Serenity PLAQ Price: $49.95 On Sale! $39.95
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NEW! YES this is an actual Inspirational Wall Plaque! This is an Exclusive offer available & Authorized by Spritzy himself for a Limited time! Directly from the “Spritzy Masters” Inspirational collection. Authored by Spritzy and dedicated to his Adoring and Enchanting Wife this Exclusive Inspirational “Serenity of the Heart” Plaque will bring a special fascination and brighten your Day! Choose from 5 unique design selections from our enchanting Spritzy Inspirational Serenity Plaque options. We will provide a sublimation transfer from your choice of design onto Spritzy’s Inspirational “Serenity of the Heart” Plaque.  These are unique pieces of inspirational wall décor and will certainly add a mystical reverence to your home, office, den, or nursery. This plaques measure 11"x14" are 1/2"x1/2" thick and have a high gloss photo protective coating. Printed Photo Realistic. All you have to do is select your design option (highlight) one of the numerous Designs available in the more information page and click the “Add” this item to your cart. You can view each design by repeating this action to view all designs before checking out. After selecting the design you want you are ready for checkout or you may continue shopping. This is a Limited Offer make your Order Today! Special note: Our Items are not massed produced sitting on shelf waiting for you to purchase it! This product will be produced only after the order is submitted. Once produced it is shipped directly to your home. This provides you with a NEW & freshly printed design and eliminates any aging, loss of quality or product damage. All of our products are shipped within a box and have protective vinyl or plastic covering. Please allow 10-14 business days for production and shipment of our product.

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