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Guadalupe Aqua Blue Color Throw SKU: VGAquaBlue Price: $79.95
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 You have selected our beautiful life-like Lady of Guadalupe (Aqua Blue) Inspirational throw. This image will be used to create a wonderfully generous 40" x 60" Inspirational Color Throw. This product type is identified as “Knit Photo Realistic” this will be an actual knitted throw. Our PhotoThrowTM technology combines the art of photography and knitting. The image you have selected will be knitted into the throw, not printed or heat transferred. It is a unique and breath-taking product and is available in 2 additional sizes. The result is a soft, lush, throw made from heavy-weight amilux cotton yarn. What it means for you, is it will not fade, bleed or shrink, is machine washable and will provide you with many wonderful years of enjoyment. A magnificently spectacular center piece for a child’s bedroom suite, perhaps as a special home or office wall decor placement or for just cuddling with the grandbaby. Our Throws make a breathtaking keepsake and are excellent gifts for family and friends. Note: Our Inspirational Throws are not a mass produced item. They are only created when a customer makes an order. This provides you with a new throw made immediately at the time of purchase and removes any aged condition from sitting on a shelf forever. Our Throws come with grey edged border and a zipper carrying case for easy storage. Weighs approximately 3 pounds. Please allow 10-14 business days for production and delivery. Throws best viewed from afar 6-8ft. At Checkout be sure to click on the coupon discount.


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