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School Logo Throw (40x60)
School Logo Throw (40x60) SKU: 4060Logo Price: $69.95
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Create & Use the LogoThrow to promote any Business or Organizations. Many Schools and youth sports teams as well as local business use the LogoThrow to promote themselves and have been very successful. Use it for Church, Clubs, Local Organizations Fundraisers. Logo throws can be used over and over again. Logo Throws are durable and are machine washable and dryable and won’t Bleed, Fade or Shrink a great benefit if used at outdoor functions. Logo Throws require camera ready graphics, meaning that a simple photo will not work. Logo Throws are limited to any 4 colors that you choose. This allows your camera ready graphic to be modified (if required) for application of those specific colors you choose, whereas a photo cannot be modified. Think of it like this when you create your logo in your graphic program: Consider 1 color for a back ground, consider 1 color for letters, consider 1 color for graphic (ie school mascot etc.) and consider 1 color for borders. You may use any combination of these 4 colors. You may review the HHS Logo created By BBG Merchandise & MyCrochet.com for the Hicksville Aces located in our Logo Throw gallery. Most High schools only use 2 or 3 colors. At Checkout you will have option menus to identify colors (no cost for these 4 colors). If you would like to personalize your Logo Throw you will have the option to identify per character cost. Note: There is no cost for text that is incorporated within your Logo design, however, if you wish to add a subjects name or class date etc. then you will have the option to select personalization. Personalization will be added at the top or bottom based on your design. We will make that choice based on design submitted. Text cost is 0.55 per character and will be added to the cost of the product. Upon confirmation of your order Mycrochet.com will forward you an email link to upload your image for your product. For best results, image files should be in jpg format with no compression. Ensure file size is under 800 kb and no less than 300kb. Ships within 7-10 business days. All Photo Gift Throw Products come enclosed in either a gift box or a Vinyl Zipper case for easy storage and transport. Knit Photo Realistic.
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