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Shepherd Pattern
Shepherd Pattern SKU: BBG500 (Pattern only) Price: $12.95
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Our Shepherd pattern designed as a infant/toddler or inspirational holiday decorative (optional). This pattern will measure 30" by 52" when completed (unpressed). Offered as a pattern or as a pattern kit. Requires 3,000 yds of #10 white crochet thread. Pattern type "Challenging" finish time approx. 4-6 weeks w/daily crocheting. Pattern Only purchase comes with 17" x 22" pattern guide, crochet instructions & warranties. Important Notice: Please remember all crochet patterns offered on our web site are not sold as finished (ready to use) crocheted products. Crafters must follow instructions and pattern guide to create a finished crochet design. Photo’s shown are un-retouched digital photo’s from each of the original (un-pressed) completed crochet patterns by BBG Merchandise & MyCrochet.com.
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