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At MyCrochet.com we offer a variety of knitted and printed inspirational throws in brilliant color. Our first product type is identified as “Knit Photo Realistic” these are actual knitted throws. This PhotoThrowTM technology combines the art of photography and knitting. The image is knitted into the throw, not printed or heat transferred. It is a unique and breath-taking product and is generally available in 3 sizes. The result is a soft, lush, throw made from heavy-weight amilux cotton yarn. It will not fade, bleed or shrink, is machine washable and will provide you with many wonderful years of enjoyment. At MyCrochet.com we offer you the opportunity to select a specific product style and submit your personal photos or graphics for throws or select one of our Inspirational product design types and size(s).


Our second product type is identified as “Printed Photo Realistic” these products are printed in full color on polar tec fleece and will be a printed rendition of your submitted photo or graphic from a product design offered. The beauty of Our Fleece Throw product is in the fabulous detail of the image. Your image is imprinted into the fleece making it permanent. The detail in this Fleece Throw is so photo realistic that it has to be seen to be appreciated. Because of the detail, these throws lend themselves perfectly to almost any type image. Collages, babies, family pictures all reproduce with amazing clarity. Available in two sizes.


Our third product type is identified as “WovenColor Throw Photo Realistic”. Our expert artists have succeeded in transforming favorite photos into beautifully woven PhotoThrows! It's a perfect way to remember any special occasion. This thick, woven throw is made of 100% cotton, comes in one size and measures 52" x 63" and can be machine washed and dried. Made with fringe on all sides (no binding).


Upon confirmed receipt of your ordered Photo Gift item we will supply you with an email link. This link will allow you to submit and return your graphic image(s) back to MyCrochet.com. Your image will then be used to create your ordered product. We will use your submitted graphic and apply our PhotoThrow™ technology that combines the art of photography and knitting and or photography and printing based on your selection of products. 


All of our products unless otherwise identified can be personalized with the subject's name, dates, or any other desired words.

We ask that you follow the "1-3-5 rule of thumb".


Rule of Thumb guidelines: 1 subject in the image for a pillow, Up to 3 subjects for a 30x40 throw and 5 subjects for the 40x60 throw. While photos that exceed the 1-3-5 rule will be made, the reproduction quality diminishes with each additional image and these orders will be made at the buyer's risk.


During checkout you may be prompted with an option to select characters to personalize your product.

Please note: All sales are final on all personalized photo gift throws & merchandise. As we are unable to resale personalized throws or photo gift merchandise.


Special note: Although you may see a similar product photograph(s) used with our photo gift products. These items-product types listed are significantly different with regard to size, type of fabric, knitted photo realistic throws, printed photo realistic throws, printed fleece throws and print or knitted talking throws. The product title identifies the type of product. Also note: Throws are best viewed from afar 6-8ft


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Hicksville HHS (40 x 60) Red Logo Throw Hicksville HHS (40" x 60") Red Logo Throw SKU: Hicksvillered4060 Price: $89.95 On Sale! $80.96
Hicksville HHS (40 x 60) White Logo Throw Hicksville HHS (40" x 60") White Logo Throw SKU: Hicksvillewhite4060 Price: $89.95 On Sale! $80.96
Hicksville HHS (40 x 60) Red Logo Throw Hicksville HHS "Mini Aces" (30" x 40") Red Logo Throw SKU: Hicksvilleminired3040 Price: $69.95 On Sale! $62.96
Hicksville HHS (40 x 60) White Logo Throw Hicksville HHS "Mini Aces" (30" x 40") White Logo Throw SKU: Hicksvilleminiwhite3040 Price: $79.95 On Sale! $71.96